Hello World!

This is ironic. I have never been a huge fan of computer science, or programming for that matter. Yet ‘Hello World’ is the first title that popped in my mind, when I thought of writing my first blog. Haha, I just realized, everything about computer science is an irony in my life. I go to a ‘tech school’, where more than 50% students major in EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science). Moreover, for being an active participant in math olympiads in high school, I have had a lot of friends who are top coders and to-be computer scientists. As such, why computer science is such a repulsion is something I wonder about very often.

So this is me, probably the only person at my college, who does not get computer science for the love of her life. And right now I am far from the said ‘tech school’, enjoying summer at home, in Bangladesh. Growing up, I was the silent kid, who wrote- a lot. I wrote on the margins of school notebooks, I wrote on the pages of old novels, I wrote everywhere. My most ardent reader was my mother. She is the reason for me being me. I’ll save that for another entry. šŸ™‚ Then I turned 17 and flew off to this college abroad. Alone on this foreign land, very often, I found the facebook status box too small for containing the random thoughts I had. Also the college-campus newspaper I wrote for did not allow space for my random ramblings, and for justified reasons too. So I thought about blogging. IĀ  read several blogs by people from the homeland and some of them, quite honestly, intimidated me. Let’s just say they were not very encouraging.

This summer though, I came back home, finishing my sophomore year at college. I started studying for a professional school entrance exam. The preparatory materials for these tests can be super-stretched and obviously, at times I got bored. Occasionally, I found myself typing on Microsoft Words, again about random stuff. Then I thought, why don’t I start a personal blog? It’d be the same as typing stuff on Microsoft Words (well, almost) and instead of backspacing them, I’d be able to store and share. So here I am, hello-ing the world. Let’s see how regular I am in this and where this takes me.

PS: I came across this and could relate to it SO well that I stored it in dropbox! šŸ™‚ Apparently this is from the website icanhascheezburger.com. I don’t want anything to do with cheese, but couches- I want, always .



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