Little moments called life

Maybe that is what heaven is like, very earthly.”- Read this on a friend’s blog:

Please take a moment to read it: Very inspiring and SO true. We run after big houses, nice cars, a secure job, a picture-perfect family, hoping that all these would bring us happiness. On the way, we see struggle and after reaching the destination, we doubt if this is what we had wanted in the first place. Destination is happiness- Yes, I agree. But the path is no less. Happiness is the small fleeting moments in between the hard ones- a cup of tea on a rainy day, a song on the way to work, a phone call from a friend and such. All we have to do is to take some time to acknowledge and appreciate.

Haha, I am down with fever and my mom brought me a glass of juice. As I sipped on it and looked at my mom’s face, I realized that was one of those moments. Thank God, they exist in my life.
A lot of things happened in these past few days, that I have been too sick to blog about.

Happy things:

– Federer won his 17th Grand Slam Title. Oh! I love it when people get up after falling down.

– I spent a day with this year’s Bangladesh IMO Team. I got to hear their stories from Argentina and have lunch with them. These kids make me hopeful. 🙂

– Ramadan is here! In this holy month, let’s learn to improve ourselves continuously, keep from bad habits, and love and respect fellow human beings.

Sad things:

– I came to know about Harshada, who as a 2nd year Duke med school student suffered from pontine stroke and spent nine months of complete paralysis. The only muscles she could move was her eyeballs. This is how hard life can strike you down. Well, the incredible part of her story is that she fought against it, and she fought hard. One of her latest blog updates says she can walk with a special walker. Props to you, Harshada. You go ahead, woman!

If any of you want to read her story:

– Only last night, Humayun Ahmed left this world. He was an author who made every Bangladeshi teenager cry and laugh with characters in his novels. Your shall be missed, writer. You shall be missed.

So yeah, this is pretty much what I have been doing lately- following various blogs. Hoping to get well soon and start preparing for my MCATs. Uffff September is too close!


3 thoughts on “Little moments called life

  1. Last night, I was thinking about the moments of happiness.I got an equation,
    Capability< dream = Unhappy . Look how simple the equation is,but the life seems doesn't like this simple equation.When I need to stay with my beloved one but my dream will not support me to gain this.

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